The US healthcare is wrecked

The US healthcare is wrecked

Americans pay more than anybody else in the world for least efficient healthcare system. Repeatively,the US healthcare ranked last among wealth countries. Citing a report from the Commonweath Fund (one of its image below), the Washington Post pronounced, “Once again, U.S. has most expensive, least effective health care system in survey.” The New York Times lamented “The Shame of Amercian Health Care.”

Why is that? Why Americans have to pay hefty fees for least effective healthcare system? Why the most powerful nation in the world failed to protect her people?

Well, a lot went wrong. And a lot of group have tried to fix the US healthcare. Doctors and their associations have tried. Hospitals have tried. Insurance companies have tried. The government has tried. But all of them have failed and come short to rescue us from the havoc. Why? Because they put them in first before you.

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